The word “Ethics” has special meaning for those of us here at Shada Consulting. 

That word – Ethics – has different meanings for many, but at Shada, we bring Ethics to a whole new level.

If you’re looking to work with a company with a passion for a stringent business code of ethics, you’ve come to the right place. Shada Consulting is devoted to the highest code of professional conduct and ethics in the business. Our word is our bond, our reputation at stake. At Shada, we adhere to a strict code of professionalism, and this includes safeguarding sensitive information with the latest advancements in security. You’ll find in your dealings with Shada that we take great pride in our ethical and professional code.

And in another interpretation of “ethics,” you’ll find that at Shada we come from a long and proud history of protecting the ethics and integrity of numerous federal programs, including the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Shada consultants have decades of investigative experience in the federal government devoted to protecting these federal programs, and that experience shows in the professional contracting world. Many Shada consultants are retired federal agents with a passion for continuing their efforts to uphold the integrity and ethics of the federal programs they once were sworn to protect from fraud, waste, and abuse with a law enforcement officer’s credentials.

That word – Ethics: it has a special meaning to us at Shada. Our word is our bond. Our reputation and integrity is riding on it. Ethics is important to every aspect of a business. Know with certainty that you’ve come to the right place with the professionals at Shada Consulting.


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