About Shada Consulting

Shada exists to provide experienced resources in fighting Medicare and Medicaid fraud nationwide. 

Shada consultants come from a variety of backgrounds: many have successfully investigated or prosecuted Medicare and Medicaid fraud, along with other program frauds. Nursing consultants for Shada bring decades of experience in utilization and chart review. Shada has a whole host of other specialized experts for a variety of needs in the fight nationwide against health care fraud.

If you are looking for allies in the detection of health care fraud, you have come to the right place. 

The idea of Shada Consulting was born from a retired federal agent/attorney, with experience in both investigating and prosecuting Medicare fraud as a Special Assistant United States Attorney. Building a core group of experienced and seasoned investigators, with wide specialties and a passion for the integrity of federal programs like Medicare, has been the mission of Shada since inception. 

Shada consultants have been in the trenches, on the front line, investigating and ultimately bringing those who commit fraud against these federal programs to justice. Navigating complex investigations, executing search warrants at great risk to themselves, negotiating plea deals with those who commit fraud, or bringing dangerous criminals to justice through prosecution, Shada consultants have seen first-hand, up close and personal, the damage that fraud presents to these federal programs. They have been in the trenches like no other. 

As former special agents, Shada consultants have been the recipient of law enforcement referrals for Medicare fraud. These experienced and seasoned retired agents are now available to you, at your fingertips, to be on the front end of these investigations, continuing what for many has been a lifelong career of protecting the integrity of the Medicare program.


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